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On February 22, Mr. Nguyen Phi Long – Alternate member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, requested the investor as well as relevant levels, branches, units, and localities of the province to complete the investment in Phase 1 of the Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Industrial, Urban and Service Complex Project by September 2021.

image 17 Becamex Bình Định
The delegation led by Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Phi Long is inspecting the construction site of the Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Industrial, Urban, and Service Complex project.

After inspecting and working with the investor, departments, agencies, units, and Van Canh district on the status of project investment implementation, Mr. Nguyen Phi Long directed, by September 2021, at least 100 hectares of clean land had to be handed over to secondary investors.

Mr. Cao Thanh Thuong, deputy head of the provincial Economic Zone Management Board (EZ), said that in the total project area of 1,425 hectares, so far, Becamex Binh Dinh JSC – the project investor – had coordinated with departments and agencies, branches, and localities to inventory 1,027 ha; and had spent 21.6 billion dongs for site clearance compensation of 358 ha. 279 hectares have been handed over to the investor, of which, 196 hectares have been decided for leasing; the remaining area of nearly 80 hectares has not been handed over.

In order to speed up the progress of project construction, the Provincial EZ Management Board proposed that the Provincial People’s Committee direct the Provincial Site Clearance Board to prioritize gathering personnel to urgently implement relevant contents, and soon submit for approval the site clearance plan Phase 1 (145.15 ha) of the industrial park; especially, coordinate with local authorities to quickly complete the relocation of graves in the above area. The People’s Committee of Van Canh District and the People’s Committee of Canh Vinh Commune need to focus on speeding up the verification of the origin of the land and resolving disputes arising during the site clearance process.

Mr. Dao Van Khoi, Head of the Provincial Site Clearance Board, said: Regarding organizations, the two biggest problems in site clearance are that there has been no acquisition of 5.6 hectares of national seed forest (with 3,398 eucalyptus trees for reserving genetic resources) of the Southern Central Region Forest Seed JSC, and the acquisition of the national seed forest area (with an area of 36.7 ha) is still pending and will be reported to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for handling; PISICO Corporation – Joint Stock Company has not registered to receive the compensation and has not yet handed over the area of afforestation land and the land of Canh Vinh Industrial Complex of 72.5 ha.

Meanwhile, regarding household and individual land, up to now, the Board has coordinated with Canh Vinh Commune People’s Committee and related units to complete the tally of 372 households/1,356 land plots (437.36 ha with properties, 416 burial mounds, and 100 tombs). Currently, the Board continues to carry out the tally of the remaining land area.

“People propose to implement one-time land acquisition and compensation, including the land area outside the planning of industrial zones but within the planning of residential – resettlement areas, which are, according to the existing measurement records, 242 land plots. Review the farmland classification to suit the current reality; compensation unit price for production forest land. People also ask investors to announce policies to support resettlement.”, said Mr. Khoi.

Meanwhile, the project investor proposed that the province immediately resolve related land disputes to clear the remaining 19 households’ land areas in Phase 1 of the project and implement the electricity and water supply plan for the industrial park; Consider signing contracts to implement 4 projects of resettlement – residential areas and approve investment policies for these projects; At the same time, soon determine the land rental price for the project to meet the needs of attracting investors.

image 25 Becamex Bình Định
Becamex Binh Dinh gathers means and human resources to construct infrastructure for the area handed over by the province.

Solving problems at the inspection site, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Tuan Thanh said that regarding the proposal from the investor to sign the 4 contracts for resettlement, on the afternoon of February 22, the Provincial People’s Committee would consider signing these contracts so that the investor could soon implement them. As for determining the land rental price for the investor, the Provincial People’s Committee had assigned the Department of Finance to coordinate with other departments and sectors related to construction to meet and provide a specific price to the investor within this week.

In the context of the current strong shift of investment sources globally, the timely operation of Phase 1 of Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Industrial Park this year will open up great opportunities for the province in 2022 to welcome many large domestic and foreign investors. Therefore, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Phi Long specifically directed the plan to solve difficulties and problems in each stage of work, with a common view to maximize the sense of responsibility of all levels, sectors, and the project investor, in order to urgently complete the infrastructure, ensuring the conditions to attract secondary investors to Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh right in 2021. Every month, the Provincial People’s Committee will hold briefings with the investor, relevant departments, agencies, units, and localities at the site to promptly solve the project’s difficulties.

Regarding the problems and recommendations of the people on the compensation policy for site clearance, Chairman Nguyen Phi Long affirmed to uniformly implement a policy of clearing and compensation for site clearance for both industrial parks and residential – resettlement areas; agreed to one-time compensation for site clearance for people with land. Particularly, regarding 19 households and 47 hectares of agricultural and residential land which are still pending in Phase 1, the Chairman assigned the Provincial Site Clearance Board to work with the People’s Committee of Canh Vinh Commune and 19 households to agree on a plan to support the house rent until the investor allocates the resettlement land. “We try to make the most of all policies of the Party and State related to land clearance work to best support the people. At the same time, completely stay open and transparent to the people,” directed Chairman Nguyen Phi Long.




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